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Wenona, Jessie Cox, and Isis Love Part 3 of 4 of the March Live Show.

The April live show continues and both of our former Gymnasts are in for some pain and then some more pain. Suspended upside down and spread, both girl are nervous, scared and emotional. As we apply the zipper to each girl we get tears of apprehension.

The girl hold hands to try and comfort each other and the riggers go to work. Flogging and tickling are the weapons of choice against the helpless nubile units. The girls are screaming and laughing and screaming. We make them cum a few times and then just start ripping zippers. We have never heard Jessie Cox scream so hard or long. After her zipper she needs to cum down, so to punish that action we set Wenona up for another zipper and make Jessie pull it. Good times.

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The Training of Dana DeArmond, Day One

Applicant Profile



Disposition: Super Star

Fears / Current Limits: Authority.

Strengths: Experienced fuck, good BDSM bottom

Weaknesses: Wrapped up in status and 'stardom'. Good bottom but has no experience with submission.

Experience: Lot's of adult experience, has shot with most Kink sites.

Current Status: To be trained to submit to her boyfriend, Daniel.

Recommendations: Immediately take away her name, dignity and status. Strip her naked and refer to her as a number only for the remainder of the week.

Tie her into a tight squat position, gag her slut mouth and instruct her to start sweeping the filthy dungeon floor. Discuss her as though she were not there with Daniel to ascertain how he would like her training to proceed.

Make her a deal - she can wear the gag all week or speak properly right from the start and use Yes Sir, No Sir, Thank you Sir. Inspect and observe her as she is whipped, fingered, probed, pinched and slapped, and note her reactions for future use.

Tie her down and teach her the value of gratitude and asking permission to orgasm by getting multiple orgasms out her her greedy cunt till she is exhausted and begging for mercy.

Pound her cunt with hard cock, then put her on her knees where she belongs to put her slut mouth to some use other than talking about herself.

Today's very simple lessons are to teach this slut to say please and thank you, a remarkable formidable task inspite of her age.

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Hot Blond BDSM Slave get bound in hard metal Brutally fucked by James Dean & Isis Love

Live Show Mondays brings you part 4 of 4 from the September live show that featured Lorelei Lee, with James Dean and Isis Love co-topping.

Lorelei is dragged out of the cage and bound dog style in a custom metal device. A harness is strapped to her head, so we can see her pretty eyes while James is skull fucking her face. Isis adds a strap-on as well and Lorelei finds herself brutally double fucked into subspace.

Just to add some fun we apply some nasty black clips to Lorelei and cane them off, but the real fun is watching Lorelei take a brutal mouth and pussy fucking from two of the best in the industry, Isis and James Dean.

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Educating a Bitchboy Episode: 2

Divine Bitch: Mistress Ashley Fires

Bitchboy: Jason Miller

Mistress Ashley Fires unleashes like we've never seen her do before! Bitchboy Jason Miller has his ass perched up high and exposed while in chastity. Ashley warms up by giving him a heavy flogging then sliding her ass lollipop deep playing around inside like it's a little toy. Since bitchboy's cock has continually proven to be completely worthless Mistress Ashley uses his mouth instead, first to worship her asshole through her transparent latex then to clean it while she has knee buckling orgasms. Mistress Ashley is fiercely cruel never letting Jason out of chastity and instead uses a fuck machine to get herself off while he is made to hold her vibrator and worship her feet. This devastatingly delicious bitch then rubs her cum all over his chastity belt and hits it home by reminding him how he'll NEVER fuck her hot pussy!

Don't miss the rest of Jason's training here at Divine Bitches! Come back and see if this bitchboy has what it takes to serve on the prestigious Upper Floor!

Maitresse's Evaluation



flow gracefully in any situation


is he truly devoted to serving a women and The House


patiently awaiting each command or task without his cock getting in the way

Closing assessment

complete mess no grace whats so ever
continue training in proper posture and body stance
needs to be broken down even smaller
cock continually gets in the way despite it being useless
suggest to remain in chastity

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Olga Cabaeva Can’t Get Enough

Olga Cabaeva is thick to death, with a hot Russian accent, beautiful green eyes, natural tits and a big, juicy ass. We love a big bitch that can handle some rough play. We smack that ass until it's red, tie her up, and stuff all her holes. She gets pretty loud when there's something in her ass, so we make her suck on a dildo to keep her quiet. She gets fucked so hard she pisses herself, more than once. After coming over and over again, this slut is still so horny she's fisting herself while we try to shoot the exit interview.

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Christina Carter

Incredibly hot, sexy, charming Christina Carter has a love for bondage and bdsm games that keeps us loving her. Thanks for coming back again Christina! Hope to see you again soon.

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Mrs. Dimarco’s Loving Cuck-Husband

Gia Dimarco loves her husband. They have a happy marriage however, a woman like Gia can't be completely satisfied by only one man and Dietrich knows this. He scours the internet to find suitable men to fuck his wife. The biggest criteria is that their cocks are much larger than his measly 4 inches. Gia locks Dietrich's cock up for the night and spanks him into submission before her bull arrives. Once he does she's tickled pink because her husband found a perfect well-hung stud for her. They relax a little with a cocktail and Wolf films Gia as she pounds her naked husband in the ass. She likes to leave little mementos of his humiliation for him to watch while she's away fucking other men. She commands him to get her bull nice and hard with his mouth. A good husband keeps the cocks hard for his wife anyway he can, no matter how humiliating it is. Gia fucks her stud every which way having multiple orgasms while her husband is made to watch. Wolf blows his hot load all over Gia's cunt and Dietrich is made to clean up the messy sex with his mouth!

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Day 2 February’s Final 2 Slaves

It always comes down to the simplest things with these girls. When I'm looking for a potential trainee, I look for a well rounded girl who is willing to face fears and excel as a slave. We respect all limits, but we also need these girls to have the desire to push their limits.

With that being said, all of the girls were tough and most wanted to give it a try, but only two had what it takes to move on. We are looking for girls that are 100% ready to dedicate themselves to becoming a true slave.

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Service Day: Promotion

In the wake of Jessie Cox, the House needs a new slave consort. Grace and Sin compete for the position, but the new consort will accept the collar with a round of punishment and tests.

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Sexual Recovery

New girl Adrianna Chechik is sexually rehabilitated by Dr. Deen in this hot role-play update! Adrianna has very impressive deep throat skills and loves to be manhandled! She also gets put in strict bondage including a full suspension and endures various forms of corporal punishment!

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