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Sophie Monroe Live Shoot Brutal Ass Fucking and Total Pain Overload

It has been proven that Sophie can take more than the average model, but this day goes beyond what she even thought she was capable of. She is put in heinous predicaments with unforgiving ties that push her body harder than ever before.

Mark issues punishment and torture as well as he fucks and this is shown best with a willing and capable submissive. Sophie brings out the true sadist in him and he shows her how deep that sadistic side runs. Nonstop torment and brutal ass fucking from the first time she crawls on to set until the day is finished.

This is one of the most hardcore scenes that I have ever shot. I'm looking forward to any new comer that tries to live up to this level of torment.

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If you’re the cleaning crew for Kink then you better not miss a spot.

Cleaning the armory is a big job, so we hire only the sexiest help for eye candy. Of course, we also hire the toughest bosses. If you're not doing your job right then you'll pay the price. Tight crotch ropes, massive orgasms and tight elbow touching bondage. It's amazing how many applicants we have for the job, and more so to see how poorly they perform their tasks.

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House Celebration: Welcome Back Mogul p. 1

The Upper Floor dedicates its annual Halloween Party to commemorating The Popes work on TUF and welcoming back James Mogul. The House is introduced to James and o is assigned to be his personal slave for the evening. Lucky o is led around by some tight clover clamps on her nipples and made to entertain, which includes many clothespins and mental evaluations.

Meanwhile, piggy and pistol are assigned to show off their skills as sex slaves for James and Master Acworth. Both sluts choke on cock and submissively offer their pussies to the lucky male guests as Peter interrogates them.

The party is packed to the roof with esteemed and salacious guests. Goddess Soma enjoys a long and tortured scene with her girl slave involving plastic mummification, breath play, squirting, crops, and clamps. A newcomer is tied up by Torque and used by four male guests as a sex toy. The Pope breaks out fluffy for one last go at kaos, who is suspended upside down and servicing Jack Hammer as she weathers the blows with grace. The night is filled with exciting bondage, single tails, blow jobs, cruel games, and lots of fucking. This is not an update to be missed, nor is its second half coming next week.

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Annie Cruz and Satine Phoenix

Sexy bad girl Satine gets herself into quite a bind in the self bondage scene and Annie has no trouble delivering the punishment Satine craves. Three more hot scenes are served up especially for the guys, like me, who like the girl-on-girl play. You'll love the chemistry these two develope as the scenes go by.

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BONDAGE TUTORIAL Learn the fundamentals of rope bondage. Step by step video instructions.

Live Show Mondays brings you part 1 of 4 of the January live show that featured 19 yr old Haley Cummings and sexy co-top Isis Love. Bondage tutorial series.

We decided to turn the live show into a full bondage tutorial event. We have 19 year Haley Cummings and her massive natural "FF" breasts to help us demonstrate and show you how to perform some basic and advanced rope techniques. Step by step video instruction that is sure to improve your skills and make your partner happy that you "took the class".

Today we demonstrate a Japaneses box tie, an effective tie to hold your submissive in for a long time without putting stress on her arms and shoulders. We will show you how to effectively bind and wrap breasts. We will show you the advance hair tie, and how to finish off a great tie with a tight effective crotch rope.

Do not miss one part of this great series in our 'How to Tie at Home' bondage tutorial series!

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The Making of a Dominant: Episode 1

Guest Domme: Mistress Nika Noire

Sub: Curt Wooster

Maitresse Madeline calls upon Mistress Nika Noire to guest domme on Divine Bitches. Nika's blazing hot, tough and won't take any crap from the dirty little worms who are lucky enough to worship at her feet. Curt Wooster has evolved over time with aspirations to become a dominant at The Armory. He's expressed strong interest to work with Mr. Mogul and Maestro. Before he can be handed over to mentor under Mr. Mogul he needs to be prepared beforehand. Mistress Noire puts Curt through a series of objectives heavily caning and cropping him while his balls are locked in a humbler. She completely humiliates him by fucking his ass from behind while he is made to watch videos of Mr Mogul and Maestro working their magic. In the end she uses his cock for her pleasure then collects his pathetic filthy load in a bottle to bring back to Madeline for inspection!

Will Curt progress to gimp status and work for Mr Mogul? Does he have what it takes to truly become dominant? Come back to Divine Bitches to witness his progression!

This update includes caning, cropping, ball torture, oral servitude, humiliation and strap-on ass fucking.

Maitresse's Evaluation


pain processing

effciently process pain

strength and presence

exude self assurance and tenacity


strength of physical constitution

Closing assessment

appeared to make a real effort at pain processing
completely humiliated and broken down in order to build strength and presence
must work on stamina in stressful situations

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Amber Rayne

22 year old Amber Rayne has developed an obsession for BDSM and enjoys pushing her limits. Steven St Croix initiates the session with corporal punishment including flogging, clamps and foot caning. Her elbow are then tied together and legs frogtied to keep her at cock sucking height. A ring gag holds her mouth open for her throat to be fucked. Lastly, she endures an ass pounding while hot waxed, bound and gagged. Thank you Amber for your submission!

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Mark Davis and Sahara Knite

Sahara Knite is another very lucky girl to be sexually controlled by the skillfully dominant Mark Davis. While hogtied, her clothes are cut off. She is clamped, vibrated, flogged and mouth fucked. Then, with her hands tied securely behind her back, she is punished and fucked hard. A simple but effective steel restraint is used on her as she gets fucked some more. Lots of pain with pleasure in this great update.

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The Training of Maya Matthews, Day Four

Training Report, Final Day

General Observations

Clearly nervous about working with Mr. Davis
Her demeanor and attitude are substantially changed from Day One
Surprisingly demur when exposed


How to take sensation beyond her ability for the pleasure of another
Formality and constancy
Presence without expectation
How to be a Good Girl
Finds she is stall able to take joy in submission
There are ways other than her own preferences to train


Sarge returns for his property
Order her to give a formal report on her condition
Bend her over the desk and cane her ass while she delivers a homework synopsis
Fuck her cunt with a thick dildo while under the cane
Give her multiple orgasms till she is begging for us to stop
Play a game speech control that encourages her to consider her responses carefully
Jam her throat full of rubber cock when she fails to respond correctly
Use her like furniture
Reward her slut mouth with a real cock to suck
Get her used like a submissive fuck toy one last time before she leave us.

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Fresh Meat: Episode 2 “Thank You Mistress Bobbi”

Divine Bitch: Mistress Bobbi Starr

Slave: Mickey Mod

Mistress Bobbi Starr is perfection with natural beauty and the brains to match. She's the girl next door who you fantasize about and are intimidated to approach. Thankfully for us she's also a sadistic bitch and horny as hell! Coy submissive Mickey Mod is on his second day of training and Mistress Bobbi doesn't hold back. She humiliates and tortures him by making him wear painful high heels while being spanked, paddled and plugged with an electrified buttplug. She administers CBT and hotwax while fucking him in the ass with a dildo attached to the heel of her boot! Bobbi uses his hard dick while he is in uncomfortable bondage to get herself off then leaves him used, abused and denied.

Come back to follow Mickey's training and see if he can progress to serve on the prestigious Upper Floor!

Maitresse's Evaluation



conquer fear of electricity in order to be confident and at ease in any situation


used as a motivator for behavior


used as a tool for sex

Closing assessment

easily and confidently faces fears and the unknown
increased gratitude
not good as a tool for sex if put in uncomfortable bondage
cock readiness 50/50 track record
lock in chastity for training day 3 as motivating factor

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